Stampede Trail
Stampede Trail at Teklanika River
Stampede Trail
The Stampede Trail was originally built for an antimony mine in the 1930's by a miner by the name of Earl Pilgrim. It was later upgraded from a trail to a road on which trucks could haul ore from the mines.

The Stampede Trail is about 50 miles long. It is located in Alaska just south of Denali National Park. It is west of Healy, Alaska. It is a rough trail to hike. The first five miles are good but after that it gets overgrown with brush. There are no bridges on the Stampede Tail. The Savage and Teklanika Rivers and numerous beaver ponds are on the trail. In the early spring they are shallow enough to cross. During the summer, when the glaciers and snow has melted off the mountains, they become impassable.

On the Stampede Trail, about 25 miles west of Healy, there is an abandoned bus on the trail. It is used as shelter for hunting parties during the fall. The Stampede Trail is a paradise of wild game. It has moose, caribou, wolf, bear and other game.