According to Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless took about nine or ten books with him on his journey to Alaska, "Into the Wild". A couple of the books that were found in his possession included "Education of a Wandering Man," by Louis L'Amour and "Walden," by Henry David Thoreau.

"Rather than Love, than Money, than Fame, give me Truth."
**Henry David Thoreau**


The last pages of Chris’s journal contain the final page from Louis L'Amour's memoir, "Education of a Wandering Man," which contains an excerpt from a Robinson Jeffers poem titled "Wise Men in Their Bad Hours."

" 'Death's a fierce meadowlark: but to die having made
Something more equal to centuries
Than muscle and bone, is mostly to shed weakness.
The mountains are dead stone, the people
Admire or hate their stature, their insolent quietness,
The mountains are not softened or troubled
And a few dead men's thoughts have the same temper'," a quote from the book.