The community says that the bus needs to go. The community says their concern comes with the fear of someone else dying or being injured out there, while trekking to the bus. They are also noticing a mixed breed of trekkers trying to share in Chris’ story. One individual has camped out on Stampede Trail, with a bag of rice in tow, and refused any assistance from the community or authorities.
I personally think that as Chris’ infamous legend begins to expand and become that of mythic proportions–as we all know it will–that only more people will try to venture forth and trek to that bus.
The DNR and the State of Alaska have stated that if enough complaints come in, they will be more than willing to get rid of the bus–but first they have to get a claim of ownership, of which they have not done at this time.
Regardless of what the community decides to do with the bus in the future, Chris will always be held close to the hearts of his father, mother (shown in the bottom leftcorner, visiting her son's final destination in life), sister and others he met in his life.