Emory University


Founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1836, Emory University was originally a small college in Oxford, Georgia. By 1915, the college was able to expand to the Suburbs of Atlanta and become Emory University thanks to the help of Coca-Cola founder, Asa Candler. Today, Emory University is ranked 17th among national universities. It is recognized for having a great Liberal Arts program, outstanding professional schools, and a leading healthcare system in the Southeast.

Chris McCandless attended Emory University after graduating from High School. He excelled academically majoring in history and anthropology. He graduated with honors from Emory University in the summer of 1990. Shortly after graduation,Chris vanished, changed his name, and began his adventure.

In September 2007, actor Emile Hirsch visited Emory University. He is there to promote the movie version of Into the Wild in which he plays the role of Chris McCandless.