Denali National Park and Preserve​
Covering more than six million acres, Denali National Park and Preserve, formally known as Mount Mckinley National Park was established in December of 1980 by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. Denali National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife. There are 39 species of mammals, 167 species of birds, 10 species of fish, and 1 species of amphibians known to the area. Weather plays a big role in the animal world of Denali. With winter being the longest season, animals staying year round are well adapted to the harsh climate. Come spring, 80% of Denali's bird population returns, bears and other animals come out of hibernation, and over all wildlife activity increases. The summers in Denali National Park are for raising young, preparing for hibernation, migration, and getting ready for the winter.

Denali National Park contains North America's largest mountain, Mount McKinley, it is one of the most visited parks in Alaska. The entrance to the park lies 240 miles north of Anchorage and 125 miles south of Fairbanks and is located along the George Parks Highway. The park can be accessed by car, the Alaska Railroad, or the Park Connection Motorcoach. There are many lodging options in the area, whether you prefer staying close to the park entrance or experience the backcountry of the park. With many different tours, dinner theaters, helicoptor
rides, and more, there isn't a dull moment.

The Alaskan Range


The picture above shows the only
road running through the park.

Mount McKinley