Carthage is a small town located in South Dakota. The population over the last 10-20 years has been hovering just around 200 people.
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It is part of Miner County which is in the central eastern part of the state.
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A major industry in Carthage as is with many surrounding towns is agriculture. On Main Street, there is still a grain elevator. The company is called Carthage Farmers Elevator and Ethan Co-Op Lumber. It is the only one in town, and I believe that this could be the place that Chris (Alex Supertramp) McCandless worked at when he was there.

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Carthage was founded in 1882 by a man named Frank Ward. When designing the city, he named several streets after his four brothers, Franklin, Buell, Thomas, and Harris. He also declared that the first boy born in Carthage be named after the city itself (as shown in the photo below).
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