Bullhead City

Bullhead City, Arizona is located in Movaje County on the Colorado River (picture above.) It has a desert-like climate, receiving only a few inches of rain a year. Bullhead City is only about one hundred miles South of Las Vegas and across the river from Laughlin, Nevada. It's population is around 41,000 and most of it's employment comes from casinos.

Chris McCandless arrived in Bullhead City in October after his summer stay on the Oregon coast. Chris stayed in Bullhead City for about two months which is the longest he had stayed in one place since leaving Atlanta. Chris actually thought about settling down in Bullhead City, that was until his feet got "itchy" again.


Above shows the casinos, strip malls, and local businesses that make up Bullhead City.

The picture below shows a sunset over
Bullhead City from across the Colorado River.


While Chris was staying in Bullhead City, he got a full time job at McDonald's. Many co-workers later complained he was a slow worker who needed a shower.