There is much wildlife in Alaska including bear, moose, caribou, bison, whales, among others.

98% of the United States Brown Bear population can be found in Alaska.
Alaska also accounts for 70% of North America's Brown Bear population.

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Each year in Alaska, there are an average 14.6 Brown Bear attacks on record. Most of these attacks come when a bear is feeding or when a mother has cubs.
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Black Bears are the most easily seen bears in Alaska because of their general curiosity and the availability of food sources. They also become a big nuisance by getting into trash, dumpsters, etc.
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Most people consider caribou and reindeer to be one in the same. Alaskans seem to think otherwise. Alaskans believe that caribou are wild and reindeer are just caribou that have been domesticated.
Caribou are found in the mountains and tundra areas where there are little to no trees.

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Caribou are migratory animals and they move up to 50 miles every day.
The 950,000 population of caribou are kept in check by predators and hunters.

The moose in Alaska are definitely one of the biggest animals in Alaska. Adult males range from 1200-1600 pounds and females weigh in between 800-1300 pounds.
external image moose-stag-ontario_9461.jpgThe large population is also controlled by hunters, but predators are not as common as the caribou predators.